Text America Features

Member Text Messaging

Timely messaging increases results. The number one reason campaigns fail is because members don't take the appropriate action in the right time frame.

Our Solution

The ideal solution is a service that lets organizations connect with members instantly.

Why Text America?

Services Provided By Text America

Text America helps you communicate with members easily. Text America does this by providing the best marketing automation tools to help ease the workflow of the everyday marketer.

Collect & Capture

Let volunteers electronically capture contact information using an iPad or iPhone.

Opt-in & Verification

Instantly verify contact information by letting members opt-in via text messaging.


Track and report how many supporters you have an which volunteers are signing up the most people.

Engage Today

Remind thousands of supporters to take action via a personalized text message.

24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 support via email and direct support during business hours.


All contact information is safeguarded because it's encrypted. Your data is your data.